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"Nemini Cedimus"


Welcome to the Hoya Battalion Alumni network! This page exists to benefit both current and alumni members of the Hoya Battalion Army ROTC program, student and cadre alike. The page seeks to enroll Battalion members past and present into an online social network, fostering communication between and among groups. In the future, this landing page will serve as a place for current members to post updates from the Battalion, such as messages from cadre/student leadership, photos and media from exercises, and invites to Battalion-sponsored events.


In the meantime, we encourage you to create a profile on the page through the "MEMBER HOME" tab. From here, you can add personal contact information, as well as relevant DoD and civilian experience. Soon, current cadets will be granted access to the page, and will be looking for mentors regarding their personal and professional development. Your profile can be custom-built to allow cadets to find you based on branch, interests, and other factors.

Welcome to the Hoya Battalion Alumni network!

Nemini Cedimus! 


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